Charlie Collis, Design Student.

Jumping right into today’s post we have yet one more very skilled artist for you all. Please welcome Charlie Collis, a designer, photographer and illustrator who has won the hearts of us here at Yatta with some very beautiful work. Who better to explain what she does than Charlie herself. Make sure to check out her work as we are sure you will love it.

A Hampshire based design student, I spent three years at South Downs College, emerging with A Levels in Art & Design (Fine Art), Media, and Graphic Communication.

I’m currently studying the first year of BA Graphic Arts at Winchester School of Art and enjoying every second. Staying local has meant I can focus on my uni projects and continue working with freelance clients I gained over the summer.

My main influences include Rob Ryan, Stefan Sagmeister, David Shrigley & old fashioned signwriting. I’m keen to try as much as possible in the way of techniques, but favourites include collage; hand drawn typography, papercutting, aswell as playing with texture and interesting mediums.

You can find me on all manner of online thingumijiggs, tumblr, twitter, dA. All comments and criticisms are welcome!

Make sure to check out her work here, and here! Oh, and drop her an email:


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