March 5th Event. Have Your Say!

Working hard on issue two and planning the March 5th event is all well and fun here for the team, but we got thinking, wouldn’t it be better if you help us plan it?

Well, that’s what we want. We want to make sure that the event is the biggest and best event you have ever seen and we want your help. We would love to know what you all want to see at the event and your views on some of the key factors of the event. So in order for you to all easyly give us your input we have put together, some more polls. The polls below are just the first few we will post over the coming weeks to get an idea of how you would like the event to go. After all, we work for you!

Your input will be very much loved and we are always grateful. Thanks for your time.

Also, don’t forget you can still subbmit work for issue two! Email us at


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