World of Warcraft Cataclysm

We are big gamers here at Yatta. One game a few members of the group play is World of Warcraft which we know, many of you do as well. We asked our good friend Jamie, to give us a load down on what changes the latest addition to the game has set for players. Take it away Jamie.

This is the way the world ends…

It is a happy day. Despite reports of Twilights Hammer being up to nefarious deeds, the people of Azeroth are happy and content. Level 1s play in the streets, as level 80s watch from their rocking chairs. Elsewhere, characters of any level fight for their faction, thinking that their biggest worry was a Troll Priest resurrecting that Death Knight again. But that isn’t their biggest worry. A roar sounds throughout Azeroth, and a scream is heard in the distance. The citizens look up to see only fire. Deathwing has returned, and with him, he brought Cataclysm.

Well, the pre-Cataclysm Patch anyway. You see, with every expansion Blizzard releases a patch to make sure everyone has the changes to the core game, despite whether they have the Expansion or not. Now with Burning Crusade and Lich King, these can be fairly minor things. However with Cataclysm? The changes are massive. In fact, I can write a whole piece on just the patch changes. And I will.

The first change people are likely to notice are the changes to the games classic zones. Each zone has been destroyed or edited in some way, making all the classic areas feel fresh again. Some zones face fairly trivial changes while others have a complete overhaul in style and substance. The most striking change I’ve seen since Deathwing’s reign has been to the Thousand Needles. The harsh desert area is now completely flooded, and the few bits of land you find are fueled with war between various factions. One of the best things about the new patch is going and re-exploring Azeroth, and finding out the all new nooks and crannies in the once familiar-but-boring zones.

Questing has also been given a much-needed kick up the backside in the classic zones. Blizzard had obviously gotten better at designing quests as time went on, leaving the Classic zones to feel outdated when compared to Lich King quests. Thankfully, they’ve used this opportunity to bring the classic quests more up to date, with the quest storylines being more interesting, and the tasks you’re asked to preform more fun. For example, there’s one quest in Tanaris that has you throwing bombs off the side of a hot-air balloon. I think that quest will stick in my mind longer than the “Kill 10 Boars” that infested the WoW of old. Not to say that Cataclysm get’s rid of all those quests, but you’ll find a general increase in the quality of questing.

With this patch also comes the new starting areas of Gnomes and Trolls. Now, I must apologise as your humble reviewer, but I haven’t played the Troll starting area. I’ve heard good things, but when I saw that the Gnomes now started in Gnomeragen, my WoW-Nerd Senses tingled too greatly. What I can tell you is that the Gnome starting area is very fun, and it places you in the middle of the battle to take back Gnomeragen. Your first quest will be to save scared citizens from infected gnomes, before being disinfected and sent out into the big bad world. The intro feels a lot more Gnome-personalised than the original starting quests you shared with the Dwarves, and I can only assume that the Troll side of things now feel more Troll-centric.

The Cataclysm patch brought a lot of changes, and I’ve only covered the major ones. Rest assured, World of Warcraft has changed forever. And the Expansion hasn’t even been released yet. Is this the way the world ends? Brudda, I’d say it’s just beginning.


For more reviews like this, check out Jamie at his blog here!


2 responses to “World of Warcraft Cataclysm

  1. Cata is fantastic! Being able to fly in the old world gives a fantastic chance to see all those areas that took ages to get to. It used to take about half an hour of running up gullies, going from zone to zone, and jumping to get to the Ironforge airstrip; now I can just fly! And my flying mount is faster than the flight-paths!

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