Scandal, Japanese Girl Band – Review

Over the many year that we hear at Yatta have been in Japanese music, we have seen a lot of different bands. Today we want to share one with you who we think just rock. If your new to Japanese music then this should hopefully give you a taste of the awesome that is Japan. Today we give you, ‘Scandal’.

Scandal – Koi moyou Released 2008

Started back in 2006 and still going storng today, ‘Scandal’ often seen as ‘SCANDAL’ are an all girl band from Osaka, Japan. The group are a Japanese pop and rock group which have taken the music sense very well. Only just finding this band by following links on youtube I felt like writing about them. One of the things I personally like about this band is that they have proclaimed themselves as “The Most Powerful Japanese Girlie Pop Rock”. A big statement indeed. So are they really? Let’s have a look, shall we.

Composed of four high school girls all from Osaka, Haruna Ono, Tomomi Ogawa, Mami Sasazaki, and Rina Suzuki started the group official in 2006. One of the main things about the group that stands out is that all four of them share a fair amount of vocals. This works to give them all some time in the limelight and not to have people focus on one member more then others. A good system, I must say. Also, keeping in the style of Japan and one of there big loves, Japanese Animation, the band even have a series of promotional videos on their website in the good old Anime style. Meeting each other at a Osakan vocal and dance school called Caless, they became friends and soon after formed SCANDAL writing and playing their own songs as well as keeping a normal school life on the side. Not a bad start at all. Soon the group got over one hundred fans from playing at local clubs and halls over Osaka and Kyoto. This soon caused the music business to move it’s eyes towards SCANDAL.

Let’s take a break from the history and talk about the music it’s self. The sound that SCANDAL make, as you can taste from the video at the top, is a very unique and good sound. Using two guitars, a bass and a drum, the line up is very same to most bands these days. The sound is clean, clear and a good mix of all. The bass is never to over the top, the drums always fit the rhythm of the songs are prefect. Everything just flows. It’s easy to see that the group take a lot of time to make sure their songs are right and to show that they clearly enjoy what there doing. As for the vocals, one of the main parts of the band and one of their main statements, is great. by having all four girls sign they work prefect together and even change the tone of the songs to fit the change of the music. To cut it short, the vocals of the group are the main element that makes them so good. These girls can really sing!

Scandal – DayDream

Now where was I. After starting to gain a following the group made a move in 2007 and sized the opportunity to participate in a special event at Shibuya Club Asia. A highly recognized and respected club in Shibuya. Thanks to there already large following and support as well as there great sound, the group were asked by ‘Kitty Records’ if they wished to have there music recorded and put out for sale. SCANDAL had made it’s first big break. In 2008 the group released three singles which quickly became sell out hits and due to the huge demand it was hard to keep a stock of there singles. The main issue was ‘Kitty’ who only made around a few thousand copies of the singles. To over come this the band released there music on ‘iTunes’ both in Japan and the USA which not only grew they audience, but also there acknowledgement by the worlds music business. Shortly after this the group went on tour and played a number of lagre concerts such as the one at ‘Sakura-Con 2008’. From here, they finally concluded there time as an indle label by releasing their first mini-album, ‘Yah! Yah! Yah! Hello Scandal’. From here, things only got better. Sony, was about to walk onto the sense.

In late 2008, SCANDAL began talks with ‘Sony Music Japan’ and soon worked out a contract which got them signed up with ‘Epic Records’. The only down side to this sign up was ‘iTunes’. Due to Sony having it’s only online music store, ‘Mora’, Sony quickly removed all of the bands music from the ‘iTunes’ store shortly after signing them up. However, from here things only got better for the group as they started making more music, doing more tours and even getting a DVD. To date they have released 11 singles, followed by one mini album. Two full albums and one DVD. The girls from Osaka, had done it. They had gone major and the world knew of the name, SCANDAL. The question now is, what will the girls do next?

So my final note is simple, the group said their ‘”The Most Powerful Japanese Girlie Pop Rock” and I think that after reading their story and playing their music. I agree! These girls know how to party! And If you want to know more about the band, check out their Japanese, English and even Chinese website, here!

All the best and thanks for reading.



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