Chris Clancy, Illustrator

Here at Yatta, art is our first love and is the main reason we started the Yatta project. Today we want to welcome a very skilled and awesome illustrator to the Yatta world, Chris Clancy. This epic artiest is the man behind some of the best illustrations we have seen here at Yatta in a long time. He asked if he could write a small bio about himself and share his work with you all. Please welcome and enjoy the work of Chris Clancy, and for more do check out his Deviant Art page and show your support. I’m sure we will be hearing more from him soon. Over to you Chris.

Hey there, names Chris.

Im an undergraduate student at Winchester School of Art, and essentially I sketch some crazy, badass, superpowered stuff all the time and am constantly trying to better my digital art skills! I get most of my inspiration from artists such as Alvin Lee, Joe Mad and pretty much anyone who does art for UDON! 😀 amazing stuff!

Anyway the dream is too work for PIXAR, but i’d be equally happy doing concept art/character design for any game/film studio at the moment. right hope you guys like my work…im back off to sketch some weird stuff.

Make sure to check out my other work over at my Deviant Art.



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