Majikko UK Gyarusa

Yatta is happy to welcome a new addition to the Yatta project with our latest partner, Majikko UK Gyarusa! Now, over to them for the intro and load down. Make sure to check them out.

Hey there.

We are a gyarusa based in the United kingdom, the meets are not specifically every month, but happen regularly. They are mainly based in London and Oxford, though because the members live so far apart from eachother, also at other points across the country, for example theme parks and other attractions.

The cir was set up in August 2010 by leader Soy, after the previous gyarusa she was a 1st generation in (Hibiscgyaru) disbanded. The presence of Majikko was hoped to tighten the western community of gyaru and also spread some UK gal love!

It grew very rapidly, with a large facebook group and widely read blog in a matter of weeks Majikko has its first 9 members- first 8 generation members!

Majikko is all about being yourself and having a fun despite the restraints and ideals of the culture and country. Originality is the key! along with a huge smile! Lets have fun!

Also both genders and mostly any age is welcome! As long as you want to have fun!

Under 15? We have imoto members ( little sister members) where when traveling too and from meets, if you live near an older member they will travel with you, or if thats not possible, older members will pick you up from the station (or area ) and ‘escort’ you to where we’re meeting. so you’re not on your own and dont get lost!

We look forward to hearing from you, check out our links below. Lot’s of love, Majikko

Facebook: here
Group site: here
YouTube: here


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