Yatta Update November 2010


This here is the November update message we sent out a few days ago releasing the details about this blog. We got some feedback that some people didn’t get the message. So for those of you who didn’t get it, here is the full update. It’s rather long but do enjoy.


Let me start by saying a big thank you for taking the time to read this message, as well as having supported us here at Yatta the past few months.

This message is to explain everything, and we mean everything that is going on with Yatta and hopefully answer a lot of your questions in the process and inform you of what is going on. This will be a long message, but please hang in there.

What a Year:

Let me start with a quick recap of what has happened in the past year. We held our first event with the aim to create a new group to kick start Yatta again. This was a huge success and a few months later, Yatta Issue One was release with an event to kick things off. Over 80 people came to the event with very good feedback. From then on we started a Facebook page, which now has over 140 fans, and have gotten a large number of emails from you all with feedback, suggestions, work and so much more. Early this month, we released the news that Yatta Issue Two would be released by the end of this current month. With three days left, where, and more importantly, what has happened? This is what the main goal of this message will explain.

Where Is Issue Two:

As many of you know we have had a lot of problems around the development of Issue Two. What with the loss of our office due to floods, Government spending cuts playing hell with our funding and technical issues from the ground up, it seemed like Issue Two wasn’t going to come out. However, this team don’t give up and knowing you all wanted the second issue we kicked ourselves into overdrive to work on it. Long weeks passed but we have finally got somewhere and are currently adding the final touches to Issue Two.

The question I’m sure you’re all asking is, where is it? As promised, we said it would be out by the end of the month. It pains me to write to you this evening with a big apology as I’m sorry to say that Issue Two, will not be released this year. Why, you ask? Simple, we don’t have funding. We had to fight for many weeks to get to a point where we had some funding however; we haven’t been able to get a full go ahead from the funders in order for us to go to the printers. Due to this simple, yet big issue, we have no release this year. I can but only offer you our deepest apologies.

However, as I said, we here at Yatta don’t give up that easily and we have a Plan B!

Plan B:

Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s a kick in the teeth that we couldn’t release Issue Two on time and believe you me, the team are not happy about it. So what could we do to make up for this? Well we have had a lot of meetings lately and not stopped working to keep the ball rolling and push Yatta even further than it was. Over the past few weeks Yatta has been busy setting up ‘Links’ or ‘Partnerships’ as it were, with Colleges, School, Groups and much more to improve not just the readership, but the size of the ‘Yatta Project’ as a whole. We took time to talk to a lot of you, even team up with some of you, and really understand what we could do to improve. One of the main things we soon found out was a large number of you wanted a website of some kind. Next of course was more events, public meetings, more issues and much more. We sat down and talked about the best way to deal with all the suggestions and we think we have something sorted that you’re going to like. So, with the release of Issue Two on hold for the current time, we wanted to release something this November. So, Plan B is now in action. It’s time to kick things to the world of the net.

Please welcome, the Yatta Blog!

Yatta Blog Breakdown:

That’s right; Plan B is the release of the new Yatta Blog, our first big step into a new way of working. The blog is still in early beta and will go live Tuesday 30th but its better than nothing, right? So, here is a breakdown of the blog.

We felt that seeing as a lot of you wanted a website; why not go with something on the same level which is easier to step up. The main reason we are starting the blog is that it will allow us to keep content coming out to you all, if be it on the web, and allow us a lot more feedback with the work we can post. It will work to fill the gap between the release of the each issue and allow us to keep giving you all that Yatta love. We are also setting up partnerships with fellow young people to really open up the content that we can offer to you. Keeping it short, we hope you understand why we are starting a blog and once it goes live, you’ll see why we are looking forward to it.

Never fear however, even with all the work going into the blog and the partnerships we are set hard at work on Issue Two. As soon as we get those final details done and get the ok from the funders Issue Two will be ok ASAP. For now, please enjoy Plan B.

What Next:

Coming to the end of this message now, so again thanks for taking the time to read. With the word now out about the blog and that we are still working hard on Issue Two, what is to happen next?

The blog will go live this coming Tuesday 30th with details on how to get to the blog being posted on our Facebook page on the day. Also, we are still looking to set up links and looking for content for both the blog and the magazine so do keep those Emails still rolling in. We have a rep’s in most of the College’s now as well so more details on that soon. Not only that but we are even pushing for some funding for an event or two, so everything is moving along.

It’s gonna get epic from here on in and we want you all to be a part of the new, redesigned Yatta. So come on, be a part of the ‘Yatta Project’, it’s just awesome.

Final Words:

So that’s it. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read as well as all the support you have given us. Once again, we are deeply sorry about not being able to release Yatta Issue Two for you all but we hope you understand the reasons why and that you’re happy with our plans until that release. Once again, it means a lot to us here at the Yatta team to have such great fans and we do all this for you. So, thank you very much.

Remember, if you’re not already a fan become one on Facebook here

And drop us an email at yattamagazine@googlemail.com

Look forward to more news coming soon and until next time, have a good one.

All the best and thanks for reading.

~ Yatta Team ~

PS: Jamie, your awesome!


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