Welcome To The Yatta Blog

Hello, dear reader and welcome to the new Yatta Blog.

This blog is our newest way to get content out to you all and continue to give you all that Yatta love. It’s still early days and we have put the blog live early so that your able to have a release this November, as well being able to help us make this blog better by joining us early to give feedback on how we can develop it into something epic.

To kick start things off we will be posting the November 2010 update here for those who missed it, as well as a quick post from the one and only DOM, who is a partner here at Yatta. Then for the next week we will do our best to keep updates and posts coming on a daily baseus so that we can get feedback from you all on how to improve within the second week. After that it will be full steam ahead with ensuring that content is posted not just by us, but by you all as well. That’s right, we once again call on you to support us here on the internet and email us content you wish to share with the world. It can be a story, a review, some art or even a video. Whatever it may be, we would love to see. So do email us at yattamagazine@googlemail.com

For now however readers, this is it. The blog is now live, the updates will go up and we will keep working on both the magazine and this blog. We want to thank you again for your time and support and ask that you continue to offer so much support. It means a lot to us.

All the best, and enjoy the blog!

~ Yatta ~


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