An Intro From DOM

We wanted to kick things off not with just updates from us, but with some content from the public. One of our partners, DOM, has writing a quick post about himself to inform you all of what he does. So, please welcome to the blog, DOM.

Hey there. Call me DOM.

I’ve been using FL Studio for about 3 years making various different types of, what some people call, music. I have tested styles from Nintendocore to Dubstyle. My current projects are all Hard Trance and I love it. I love hard bass.

I currently have one Hard Trance ‘album’ out called ‘Distortion ♥’. I’ve been giving it out to my friends for free as well as a copy to Yatta. I’m currently working on another one at the moment, it will be released around March 2011 time. I enjoy making music very much, and I love to hear when people enjoy my creations.

Make sure to check out my sounds over at my Facebook page found here. I would love to know what you think.

Thanks everyone :]


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